Where are you buying your music from?

I’m not on any streaming service, I like to buy and store my own music.

Used to be you went to iTunes and just bought what you wanted, but now the online stores seem pretty fragmented. Went to search for Studio Ghibli music and only YouTube 10hr misses show up.

Is there still a consistent way to get music, or are we stuck with shopping 10 sites in the hopes one has it?

for anything remotely hard to find (which japanese music can be due to licensing hell), i usually use discogs to buy physical CDs and rip the music myself for my library. i’m not particularly sure that there’s many digital marketplaces that really satisfy my needs.

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I just hunt for the CDs

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Valid points, and I should start ripping again for sure. New wrench thrown in…what about small artists only using Spotify? I’m thinking of sub/unsub just to playout the songs into my audio rec and manually do Metadata, but would love a more legit option lol.

are they not on bandcamp or a similar platform? i don’t use spotify but i don’t imagine artists would be exclusive to a streaming platform. i often buy music from smaller artists on bandcamp (digital or physical if they have the merch for it).

I like to look for physical CDs locally, but my taste in music doesn’t fit that purchasing option. When I buy online, I first try to see if there is a physical CD option. After that, I look at Bandcamp, then MP3s from Amazon, and finally iTunes (harder to use since my daily computer runs Linux). It’s definitely frustrating finding an artist you like and discovering part or none of their music is available for purchase.