What's on your old HDDs?

I just found a couple old USB HDDs, one of which I used for all of high school (and later) the other was more ~2013-2018.
High school (USB 2) one is empty, running Recuva now to see if I can recover any old clips or photos.
The other one had been mostly loaded up w/ TV shows to plug into our TV a few years back (Arrow season 4, Supergirl Season 3, some Dragon Ball Super) BUT it also had a big vault of my PS4 clips and screenshots I dumped in 2017! WILD.

I miss Destiny 1 PVP so much.

Have you cleaned up any of your old hard drives lately?

But they’ll need headers repaired…

Wellp. Despite Recuva saying most of these were OK to recover, only a tiny handful actually work. Attempts at using Stellar Video Repair have not been successful, even on the AVI files. :confused:

Data rot is a real shame

Not even sure it counts as data rot if it’s just been overwritten after years hahaha

Unfortunately, recovering my pre-2015 videos seems impossible, but I have found some of the stuff that I lost when trying to backup to Amazon Cloud drive!
Including a rare look at me still using Vegas, and Halo 5 launch gameplay!

Well found a couple shots from my T3i from 2012, but I don’t think any of my final videos will be here

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I found some older HDDs that actually had older videos on them! 2010-2015ish! Pre-2010 is mostly impossible to find/recover, but this is still awesome!

I loved the Canon T3i. I got Magic Lantern running on it after a friend mentioned CHDK.

I never really got much use out of Magic Lantern, but I think it provided more benefits later on than when I used it. I know for some cams it unlocks crazy capabilities, but for T3i seemed like just small stuff. I used it for a timelapse at one point.