Using Windows XP in 2024

I’m going to be updating this post with some resources, tested apps, etc. I’ve gathered. Do any of you still use Windows XP on any machine for something? Share your experiences!


I do! Except…not exactly for much of a cool reason, or anything. I have to use it with some really obscure (and obviously very outdated) software for archival/preservation of a certain format.

Would love to move away from it as soon as I can, which is why I’m going to attempt to write a new and infinitely better tool soon.

i have a super old ddr2 system that is “running” windows 10 and windows xp seems tempting to me i weirdly miss using it from school

hi, new here !

i use various old systems, both physical and VMs, running pretty much everything, XP included!
on XP i play games i would have played on the old family DELL (GBA games through VisualBoyAdvance-M and Novetus to emulate old Roblox both come to mind), message friends using escargot (although back then i would have actually used skype but there’s no old skype revival to my knowledge), and of course use old programs like windows movie maker!! >:3

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