Thinking of starting a sort of crowdfunding thing…

I’ve been thinking very recently, really as of the inception of these forums, about starting a sort of crowdfunding thing for various interesting pieces of unique, unusual, or hard to come by media that may come up for sale on places such as eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, even Discogs or similar.

I don’t know yet the exact logistics of how it would all go down, but the rough idea in my head is that those who contribute really any amount to a purchase would be able to access the preservation that I’d do for the piece of media in question. It could end up that most of the members of the site get to access it, but that totally makes things more complicated. Details to be ironed out heavily if this takes off at all.

I suppose if anyone else who’s joined here so far is interested enough in the concept to try it out (please do let me know!), it could be on some particular pretty interesting production assets related to Back To The Future that have recently come up for auction. Includes Digital Betacam tapes, CD-Rs, even a lone Zip disk. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Unfortunately, the auction does end within the next day and a half, and generally speaking I along with really anyone else won’t always be around to catch the auctions early on. So…I’m gauging the current risk/reward of me putting in a bid entirely with my own money (in this case, it’d be anything higher than $99), and just hoping I can find some people who are interested in seeing the stuff get preserved and help me recoup the costs.

As I said before, please do let me know if this interests you at all—and not even necessarily that specific auction I mentioned—could be any sale, auction, anything really. If any of this is cool sounding to you, don’t hesitate to say something!

Excited to see where this goes.

Small update:

The aforementioned auction has since ended, and I ended up deciding not to fight for it because I thought it might go a bit higher than I was prepared to pay for. Turns out I was right, as that amount was over $300. Not a huge deal or loss, though, as I’m sure cooler items or lots will show up and hopefully some of us can help fund and save them together.

$300 is nuts! Hopefully we can get some momentum going for preservation funds as we get more people in here :slight_smile:

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