"Old YouTube is back"?

It’s frustrating; I feel like ONLY channels trying to capitalize on “OMG old YouTube is back” are trending for this, not YouTubers who are just doing that style because that’s what they’ve always wanted to do/have done. Makes it feel more like a superficial, fleeting trend rather than an actual paradigm shift.


Yeah, frankly I do not see this as a paradigm shift either. Just another niche corner of YouTube emerging, which is not necessarily a bad thing, and it does go in line with the general demand for that kind of more down-to-earth personal stuff that this presentation does bring. Sort of a mild rebellion against the increasing professionalization of YouTube as a media environment.

Sorry, redacted reply earlier when I realized I misread.

Even if the video irritated you, I think I needed to hear about this “trend”. I used to post somewhat regularly, but between the online video community changing (like I’m talking from Stupidvideos.com and bored.com era to influencer-central it’s become) and the ways Google screwed around with account logins back in the Google+ days…I just got discouraged and stopped.

Always did think about contributing to the old style of videos, be the change I want to see and all that, conviced that we just needed to saturate enough to get a small corner’s worth of viewership marketshare. But hearing that others are tired of the same old hype-wagon for everything…makes me actually want to try.