How 16 Companies are Dominating the World’s Google Search Results (2024 Edition)

A pretty good overview of the state of digital magazines/ articles/ press/ written stuff on the internet. I liked the more “editorial” bits going into the design of individual pages and what they’re doing to be successful in #current_year

This really makes me sad just how much of the media we consume is controlled by a few companies, and sites can shut down just like that.

There are some good insights into how they try to play the SEO game, which I find interesting. Might use some of them on my own site lol

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I’ve recently learned that “Gawker” was a thing, so I’ve read up a bit on the Internet Archive. The current website seems to be some sort of whisper-based social media.
tbh some “gaming news” sites that do nothing but copy-paste and sometimes translate could do with some consolidation. Not that I’m defending the current state of things…

National Geographic cut the remainder of the magazine’s editorial staff in June, followed by Gizmodo laying off its last climate reporter, and CNBC shuttering its climate desk last week.”

“When Media Outlets Shutter, Why Are the Websites Wiped, Too?”

I’ve actually bought a coupe newspapers out of curiosity last week. I ended up with the very thick “weekend editions”. I was expecting some sort of “long take”, 6-ish pages dedicated to the cover story like magazines used to do. They’re just filled with ads like everything else. And a TV guide!