CAMERA REVIEWS: What do you care about most?

What do you care about in a good, long-term camera review? An entertaining story and fun video, or every possible pro and con the user has experienced over their time with it?
I am really trying to adjust my video habits to focus more on “showing, not telling”, but at the same time… my primary work is not narrative/entertainment. It’s hard to balance feeling like I’m doing a disservice to the point of my videos versus making “better videos.”
I’m working on a few gear reviews, and they’re VERY heavy on me explaining all the things wrong or right with it, but that makes them long and leaves little room for artsy stuff.
Just trying to gauge if I should be cutting scripts down more.

One reason I keep returning to The Hybrid Shooter and Podcastage is how their reviews cover the same tests, in much the same order, over time. You can compare old hardware to new hardware and see/hear the performance difference.

Perhaps starting with something like a travel vlog could be cool. For example, TheHybridShooter likes to do a wide shot of a city when comparing lens sharpness and then zooms into details to discuss what is going on. He always does this type of wide shot with detail zooms when comparing lenses. Discussing the same points across different scenes could be a good way to change things up while still achieving the same comparison objective. You could do some kind of story or something, then get into the review comparison breaking down what is working well and what is not - and with the same discussion format, it makes it easy to compare other gear in the future.

I actually think that would be pretty cool. Viewers wouldn’t just get your insight, they’d get to see some of the product in action.